Zoha Tafaghodi

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Interface I enjoy using:

Interface I dislike using:
iPhone Folders

GNU Emacs
IPhone folders helps you organize all your apps in folders you can customize. This helps with finding each app you need instead of searching for it each time. If you don't know what to name your folders then thats ok, all you need to do is drag one app onto another one of similar use and the category will be created for you also giving you the freedom of changing it whenever you like. Overall, less cluster and good use of each home page which contributes to more apps! (which is always good :-D )

Emacs is a text editor, mainly used for source code editing. I really dislike using this interface for a few reasons. First, it is extremely slow, especially if you are accessing it remotely. Getting used to emacs is a journey on its own, especially for first time coders. Simple shortcuts such as copy and paste are hard to remember. It can be useful once you have learned all the commands and shortcuts, although that in itself takes experience to master.