With 38,000 students it can seem surprising that event organizers can have a hard time promoting their events. Well with hundreds activities and events taking place on campus, students can often become overwhelmed. Additionally students focused on the daily grind of classes, homework and extracurricular activities can often times have a short attention span when it comes to campus and local events and can forget or disregard important details like time and location. On the other hand, students often have 20 minutes here or 20 minutes there and can be interested in seeing what’s going on in and around campus—if only they could have a centralized place that could tell them all the things occurring nearby at any given time. Well, buzzUMD seeks to rectify this situation by allowing members of the University community to organize, create, share and publicize events by inviting users and managing event details on an easy to use map-based interface. University community members will have the ability to find events using the map-based interface and rate events they plan to or are attending, thereby increasing the buzz of an event.


There will be two distinct target users for
BuzzUMD, one being event organizers and the other being prospective event participants. All will be members of the University community. Event organizers will create, manage, share and publicize events by uploading event data to
BuzzUMD and sending invites. Prospective event participants will be able to access information about local events and indicate their interest in events by increasing the buzz of an event.

Sounds like a good problem to solve. There are already some related services (i.e., http://www.umd.edu/fyi/ and http://www.stars.umd.edu/). So, you will need to clarify what you are offering that is different and competitive to htose. It sounds like you are considering being more calendar based, which sounds like a good idea. But what else? (Ben)