High-fidelity Prototype

We have implemented the basic look, feel and design of our interface. Additionally we have implemented a good chunk of the functionality of the overall project, but have more work to do integrating the buzzable functionality throughout the map, calendar and index listing of events. More specifically, we have implemented event creation, browsing, event buzz rankings as well as implementing the buzzable map and basic user login and authentication. What we aim to do now is focus our attention on providing calendar functionality, allow for users to email and alert others of interesting events and to allow co-hosting of events.

We have provided a couple of "wizard of oz" hooks so that we could complete our usability testing while at the same time continuing with the development of the site. These hooks include the calendar page, the map filter, the my account view and the share buttons. For a breakdown of what we have done and what we have left:

Parts completed
  • Layout
  • Event creation page
  • Main page
  • Event Browser
  • Basic map page
  • Basic login system

Parts to be completed :
  • More functional map system (implemented separately for testing) -> Map
  • Calendar system
  • Share system

Please note that the Amazon EC2 service that supports Heroku has been experiencing difficulties as of late. We have a backup copy available for grading if needed. [EDIT 4/24/2011]

Prototype buzzUMD website